Center For Gambling Studies


CGS in Rutgers School of Social Work. Founded in 2007, CGS is the sole gambling studies center in a faculty of social work plus among a couple of such facilities in the U.S. POST-DOCTORAL ASSOCIATE POSITION AVAILABLE. We’ve undertaken several tests associated with informed decision avoidance, and harm reduction. We welcome the chance to use private and public sector partners on matters associated with responsible gambling, gambling policy and influences, social networking and internet gambling, along with other policy problems. The center actively sponsors gambling training which meets criteria determined by the International Gambling Counselor Certification Board (IGCCB) of their National Council on Problem Gambling. New training opportunities, if available, will be submitted .

The ACT certification program is available to master and doctoral-level clinicians who would like to become certified clinical alcohol and drug counselors (LCADC) from the State of New Jersey. The program gives a program that covers the education as well as all five domains and supervision hours required in New Jersey for the LCADC permit. CGS welcomes the chance to mentor post-doctoral and doctoral pupils interested in independence. To find out more, contact us. CGS has generated policy and research manufacturing ventures with leaders baccarat globally. Additionally, we are often encouraged to work with neighborhood associations, therapy providers, governmental issues, and agents of the gambling market. It’s our policy to operate with stakeholders that are devoted to promoting responsible gambling behaviors and minimizing the negative effects of problem gambling. Please get in touch with us.

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